A Brendan and his BLog

I’m Brendan-that-bardic-guy.  Officially, The Honorable Lord Brendan O Corraidhe, (bunch of letters that mean I’ve been around a while and gotten some official attaboys).  Brendan is fine.

I’ve been singing songs, performing poetry, and telling stories in the SCA since ASXIV / 1980.  (If you don’t know what the SCA is, read this outsider’s first impression of our biggest annual get-together and then go to sca.org for details. I’m not going to explain it here.)

I currently reside in the Midrealm, Barony of the Cleftlands.  Before that I lived in Ansteorra (Shire of the Shadowlands), and Northshield (Barony of Nordskogen) – as Northshield grew from a Region, to a Crown Principality, to a Principality, and finally to a Kingdom in its own right.  I like to believe that the bardic arts had something to do with that progression, as the singers, storytellers and poets helped to define that area’s distinct identity.

In ASXXX / 1996 I recited the lineage of the Northshield Coronet as the first Prince and Princess received their coronets.  I have served my current barony, region, and kingdom as bardic champion.

Way back in ASXX /1986 I was the Principal of the Queen’s College of Bards of Ansteorra, Bardic Champion of Bryn Gwlad and Stargate, squired to the King, and Host of the bardic activities at the Twentieth Year Celebration.

Yeah, buddy, I was all that and a bag of chips.  In *my* mind, at least.

But as I’ve grown much older and hopefully wiser, I’ve finally realized that being a bard is Not About Me.

It’s about what I’ve learned.  What I can share.  What I can teach.  What I can give.  How I can serve.

That’s what this is about.