A Bard’s Legacy

by brendanthebard

Don’t worry, I’m in good condition for a guy in my condition. (Yes, Kenny Loggins *was* in a  psychedelic band. My post-retirement plan is to play nursing homes.  “We don’t play your memories; we play your flashbacks.”)

I have the luxury of being able to spend time ruminating about one of my hobbies.

Today, a man that I knew many years ago (but recently re-connected with on Facebook) let me know that his wife had just passed away unexpectedly.   She apparently was a fan of some songs I had recorded and distributed (on cassette tapes) in the mid-1980s, and would I share a song on her memorial page?

eerrr…  umm…


So I posted a link to what I had: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5cQDeHpx6XkYXd4dG9VR29oQzA
I posted a while back about meeting Lady Katrina of Coventry, then the Premier Bard of Ansteorra.  Another Wow moment.

So that’s got me to thinking.  What will I really be remembered for?   I can’t really control that.  At least there wasn’t Instagram back in the 80s when I was stupid.

So what performers do I remember?

Cadfan… The Death Lay of Bowie Gizzardsbane (which I got to reprise at KWCB in 2015)

Ragnar…  Untimely taken.  His collected works:

Robin of Gilwell… “The Baron.” His comments helped me cut it down to fit a very sharp timeline, and it worked.  Not to mention the way he’s lived his life.  A Peer in every sense.

Duchess Seiglinge Syr…  A classically-trained operatic soprano who was very kind to  me.

And so many more…

Ohhh myyyy…..  John Inchingham and the House of Sans Nomen NAILED IT!!!