Just do it.

Saw a Facebook post about Integrity being Doing What’s Right Regardless Of The Opinion Of The Masses.

Yeah, true, but it’s not just that.  Integrity is sometimes just doing what you said you were going to do, even if it is merely a relatively minor inconvenience. This isn’t rocket science. It’s just follow-through. (I learned that from my Dad.)

Not very long ago, someone asked me to Do A Thing. It was a Thing that I knew that I Could Do, and so I agreed to Do The Thing. (Pro Tip: DO NOT agree to Do A Thing that you do not KNOW that you Can Do. It puts the person who then depends on you to Do The Thing in a bad spot. See Delegation, below)

Then (as is often the case) Life Happened and I pretty-much-completely forgot about It.

I was (luckily, and in time) some time later Reminded About That Thing I Had Agreed to Do. For a brief moment I panicked. Then I quickly took mental stock of the resources available to me. (Having a supply of Available Resources is a Very Good Thing, especially when said resources are Talented People and the Thing really needs Talented People.)

I then did some Fast Communicating, some More Communicating, and some Driving and Running-Around-To-Be-Sure-I-Talked-To-Folks-F2F. (Pro tip: Communication skills are Really Really Reeeaaaly Useful !!!)

And so I got The Thing pretty well set up (and contingencies covered; see below) in happily short order. (It hasn’t actually happened yet, though. I’ll keep ya posted.)

Very recently, the person who had originally asked me to Do The Thing checked in to see how Things Were Going With The Plans.

(Pro tip: When you delegate Things To Do, even to someone you Trust Almost Completely, check in with plenty of lead time / PANIC MODE TIME to re-delegate in case things Go Boink. Life happens, dude. Cars spin out in front of you. Hospitalizations happen. Tornadoes. Etc. Old Russian proverb I learned from Ronald Reagan back in the 1980’s: “Doverai no proverai.” IOW, “Trust but verify.”

If you delegate, Know This if nothing else. And if you are Delegated To, don’t object when you’re checked up on! I was very happy last year when a feast steward (who’d asked me to slice and pepper some pork roasts) checked to make sure they were sliced and peppered properly. It showed me that he cared. I LIKE to work for people who care!)

I was (very happily!) able to report that I had Talented People Resources X, Y, and Z lined up to do This, That, and The Other Thing, with Contingencies A and B covered This Way and That Way.

(Contingency C is Me Making It Up On The Spur Of The Moment, which is why I suspect I was asked to Do The Thing in the first place, because I Can In Fact frikkinmakeituponthefrikkinspurofthemoment if I have to, and have years of experience doing Exactly That. Contingency D is Muppet Arms All Around, and ALL plans are out the window.)

Bottom line: We’re good (or as good as we can know before the event).
Her response: “You are awesome!”

My reply: “I just have a fairly high standard for competence.”

She: “That’s what makes you awesome!”
Gawrsh…. *digs toe in dirt*

I’m grateful for the praise, but….

Frankly. I wish that doing-what-you-said you-were-gonna-do wasn’t seen as exceptional.

*Charlie Brown sigh*